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As part of our Positive Impact Plan (link), Mayflower partners with local artists to design limited run packaging for top selling flower products. Each month a new package is released, donating $1 of each unit sold to Unbound Visual Arts. See our previous Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series packaging art below.

August 2021

• 3.5 grams

“While the name of the strain conjures up the opposite of a tranquil scene, this is a strain that will help you sleep. I wanted to capture a similar scene - perhaps a calming, yet sleepless state that calls for the relaxation and sedation that
Night Terror OG provides.”

- Leandro Lopez

Boston Cannabis Dispensary
JULY 2021

“All outta’ gum” Nuke Em
• 3.5 grams

Inspired by the 1996 classic video game Duke Nukem 3D, my palette was directly extracted from the iconic cover art. My brother and I used to play the game together with our dad, and I found myself missing those experiences deeply while making this, so I wanted to twist my initial ideas about what “nuke em” implies into something more beautiful. I illustrated the foundation before using filters & liquify to blur and curl the colors together in a different kind of explosion. This hybrid will take your brain through some twists and turns while giving
you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

- Elias Diestler

Boston Cannabis Dispensary
JUNE 2021

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
• 3.5 grams

For this strain, I really wanted to illustrate the pineapple to mimic a shattering effect caused by
collision. The “VFX-inspired” pineapple is surrounded by lower-resolution, pixelated cherries - ingredients in the classic cake - and features a tiny umbrella for shade. For the background, I implemented layered hexagons with a pastel gradient & mosaic FX. The bright colors, shapes, and scattered fragments are all indicative of this sativa’suplifting effects.

- Elias Diestler

Boston Cannabis Dispensary
May 2021

“Inner Star”
Star Killer • 3.5 grams

I hadn’t experienced Star Killer until last year, and it quickly became one of my favorite, “bright”, lightly-fruity indicas with its status effects of curiosity and cerebral engagement. I was influenced by the name, astrology, and my love of science fiction. I did some research on Neutron stars and became very inspired by the behavior of the literal “star killer”—the center
of the image representing the gravitational rays that surround the resulting core of the neutron star’s explosion.
- Elias Diestler

April 2021

Acid Dough • 3.5 grams

The color scheme of this piece is inspired from the taste and smell of this sativa strain. It is known to have sweet, candy-like aromas with bright, pineapple flavors. This season, let’s welcome the summer with a stimulating, creative and energizing high. It will have you feeling euphoric at first and like dough after, hence the name ‘Acid Dough’.
– Stu Goyal

March 2021

“A Psychological Ruse”
Tutankhamon • 3.5 grams

“I based this piece off of its nickname ‘King Tut’. This sativa strain has a predominantly skunky and sour flavor with a hint of fruit. It’s earthy aroma and orange-green buds inspired the color scheme of this artwork. These colors also reflect the pain-relieving and encouraging feeling induced by consuming Tut. It stimulates creativity and is known to help relieve stress.” – Stu Goyal

Feb 2021

“Unguided Path”
White Knuckles • 3.5 grams

This Indica dominant strain is known to have a very relaxing and anxiety relieving effect. Living up to its name ‘White Knuckles’, many describe it as a potent, ‘couch-locking’ high, much like being knocked out by a fist. I made this pattern based off some scribbles I find myself making when I am feeling anxious. It helps me focus in the present moment and regain control of my consciousness, almost like meditation.
-Stuti Goyal

October 2020

Hybrid Flower • 3.5 grams

"For my illustration I knew I wanted to create something that felt tangible, as “cream” is such a strong descriptor. “Cream” is something people can easily imagine– how it feels, looks, or maybe even smells. I also knew I wanted my illustration to have a sort of bold, groovy vibe to give it an edge and steer away from an association with food. I used lots
of color in a subtle way to create a more graphic look."
-Lauren Madigan

October 2020

“Figure in the Forest”
Night Terror OG • 7 grams

"For this project I wanted to create imagery that wasn’t outright “horror,” but instead felt eerie and unsettling. I decided to take a very different route than my typical artwork and used a greyscale palette to really allow the composition to tell the story. I want the viewer to spot the figure on their own, unexpectedly, because I feel like that’s a certain kind of terror that doesn’t require them to suspend their disbelief."
-Lauren Madigan



"This piece titled “Jarabacoa” is inspired by the mountains and flowers in the Dominican Republic, Camille’s parents’ home country. Camille enjoys working with different mediums and textures, often mimicking the patterns she grew up seeing in and around her home, including her pet corn snake, Kettle, who frequently appears in her work."
– Camille Rodriguez

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