The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series (M.A.S.S.) is a partnership between local Massachusetts artists and Mayflower Medicinals, a registered Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. M.A.S.S. provides a platform for local qualifying artists to showcase their art by designing packaging for select Mayflower products as well as in-store displays.

The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series is part of the broader Positive Impact Plan, a set of company initiatives that positively impact communities that have been disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition.

The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series empowers qualifying art students with an interest in graphic design, packaging art, or branding. Featured artists integrate the formal training they receive at local colleges and art schools with the real-world experience of working with Mayflower Medicinals’ marketing, compliance, and operations teams.

We are pleased to announce the M.A.S.S. official launch with our first Featured Artist, Camille Rodriguez. Found exclusively on the shelves of Mayflower’s Allston dispensary, Camille’s limited-edition label is featured on 1-ounce canisters of “Mini Nugs,” which currently contain two of Mayflower’s most popular, award-winning strains of medical cannabis.

camille headshot for new site
Camille Rodriguez was born to Dominican immigrants and raised in Miami, Florida. She moved to Boston in 2016 to begin her studies at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. For as long as she can remember, Camille was fascinated by the arts. She began formally drawing at age 12 and has since honed her artistic voice and skill through her studies and embrace of her culture. | @camillerodriguezart


This piece titled “Jarabacoa” is inspired by the mountains and flowers in the Dominican Republic, Camille’s parents’ home country.

She enjoys working with different mediums and textures, often mimicking the patterns she grew up seeing in and around her home, including her pet corn snake, Kettle, who frequently appears in her work.

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