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The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series (M.A.S.S.) is a partnership between local Massachusetts artists and Mayflower Medicinals, a registered Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. M.A.S.S. provides a platform for local qualifying artists to showcase their art by designing packaging for select Mayflower products as well as in-store displays. This program is part of the broader Positive Impact Plan, a set of company initiatives that positively impact communities that have been disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition.

Current Artist Spotlight

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“I am grateful for Mayflower’s Artist Spotlight Series as it has given me this opportunity to support this industry and community through
my creativity and design.”

–Stuti Goyal

Stuti Goyal is an artist born and raised in India, recently graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. Stuti had been displaced and uprooted many times in her childhood, forcing her to shift to new cities and schools. The constant change made her very versatile, resilient and easygoing. These experiences of meeting new people from many different backgrounds piqued her curiosity of different places, cultures
and beliefs. Stuti has also travelled to numerous countries over the world, that seems to reflect in the themes of some of her artwork. She believes that in a world where we are all so different, we should make more art about our similarities. As artists, we must share knowledge about our cultures with artists from other backgrounds so we can feel more confident and comfortable making art about a culture we may not belong to. Currently, Stuti is residing in Boston, working as a freelance illustrator and designer.

“A Psychological Ruse”
Tutankhamon • 3.5 grams

“I based this piece off of its nickname ‘King Tut’. This sativa strain has a predominantly skunky and sour flavor with a hint of fruit. It’s earthy aroma and orange-green buds inspired the color scheme of this artwork. These colors also reflect the pain-relieving and encouraging feeling induced by consuming Tut. It stimulates creativity and is known to help relieve stress.” – Stu Goyal


The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series empowers qualifying art students with an interest in graphic design, packaging art, or branding. Featured artists integrate the formal training they receive at local colleges and art schools with the real-world experience of working with Mayflower Medicinal’s marketing, compliance, and operations teams.

For every product unit sold within the M.A.S.S. series, $1 is donated towards Unbound Visual Arts, a local organization dedicated to supporting local artists.

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