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The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series (M.A.S.S.) is a partnership between local Massachusetts artists and Mayflower Medicinals, a registered Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. M.A.S.S. provides a platform for local qualifying artists to showcase their art by designing packaging for select Mayflower products as well as in-store displays.


The Mayflower Artist Spotlight Series is part of the broader Positive Impact Plan, a set of company initiatives that positively impact communities that have been disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition. This program empowers qualifying individuals with an interest in graphic design, packaging art, or branding. Featured artists integrate their passion for art with the real-world experience of working with Mayflower Medicinal’s marketing, compliance, and operations teams. For every product unit sold within the M.A.S.S. series, $1 is donated towards Unbound Visual Arts, a local organization dedicated to supporting local artists.

Current Artist Spotlight

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Charlotte McNeilly

Charlotte McNeilly is an artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts. She recently graduated from Suffolk University in May 2021 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Charlotte has an enthusiastic focus on branding, package design, and digital/print advertising. Charlotte is inspired by the directness of modernism, the powerful calls to action of social awareness campaigns, and above all—a sense of wit. Charlotte’s design process is often highlighted by the beauty of honesty; “I believe good design can communicate without words, great design delivers a lasting impression; and often, when it comes to design—we do judge a book by its cover.” Throughout her career, playful puns provided a distinctive personality and design identity to her work. Today, much of Charlotte’s focus is aimed at brand campaigns, social media management, and package/merchandise design for mission-driven environmentally sustainable companies.

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“The Acid Dough flower is appropriately named for its bright foliage and colorful effects. This sativa dominant strain evokes brilliant sensations of a light and relaxed high. With a sweet candy taste and unexpected sour kick, Acid Dough takes you through a flow of flavor and uplifting emotions. As this is my final design in Mayflower’s Artist Spotlight Series, I chose to incorporate the same colors, shapes, and techniques from my previous label designs for White Knuckles and Star Killer. The Acid Dough label’s luminous colors and patterns orbit around and beyond the canvas, harmonizing these three strains in one design. This gallery of triptych cannabis labels showcases the range of emotion, physical effects, and neurological sensations that have the incredible ability to present differently in all individuals.

- Charlotte McNeilly

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