At Mayflower, our hand-crafted flower is some of the finest in the state. Grown locally in Holliston, MA, we carefully cultivate our premium flower following state and local protocols. Housed in our 40,000 square foot state of the art production facility, our dedicated staff tends to the flower from “Seed to Sale” without the use of harsh chemicals. To date, we have successfully cultivated over 25 unique strains to offer medical patients across the state.

Below is a list of our current strains and important information on their potential medical benefits.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost OG x Neville’s Wreck
Ghost Train haze is sativa strain that may be useful for patients to treat chronic pain, depression, and appetite loss.  Blanketed with white-capped crystals, this strain has sour citrus notes and floral undertones.  Often delivering a strong dose of THC, this strain may be conducive towards focus and creativity.


AK-47 Double Cross
Tutankhamon, aka King Tut, is a strain known to relieve stress, depression and fatigue.  These dense, bright green nugs are wrapped throughout with orange hairs and give off a sour, diesel aroma.  Known for potentially euphoric and energetic effects, this strain won’t leave you feeling mummified.

Acid Dough

Lilly (Queen Mother x Congo) x OG Badazz
Acid Dough is a sativa-dominant strain that may offer patients bright and energetic effects. Layered with ribbons of purple and orange, this strain is sweet with dessert-like aromas and sugary flavors for patients to enjoy.

Cindy 99

Jack Herer x Skunk
Cindy99 is a sativa dominant hybrid that is known to be great for nerve pain, muscle spasms, appetite stimulation, and increased energy. These showstopping nugs are covered in crystals paired with a fruity flavor. Often known to provide an energetic effect, this strain may be the perfect fit to keep you dancing all night.

Dank Commander

Rare Dankness x Catpiss
Dank Commander is a hybrid strain that may help with sleep, appetite and general pain.  Heavy nugs with streams of purple give off a citrusy aroma with diesel afternotes.  Dank Commander is a great night-time strain as it salutes patients with potential calming and euphoric effects.

Dank Commander

Lineage Unknown
Nuke’ Em is a strain full of THC and mystery.  With a past full of riddles, hours of research has been poured into unveiling the lineage behind these dense nugs that are both sweet & earthy.  Based on its name, it’s often assumed to be a member of the Nuken or Duke Nuke variety with patients reporting it may be great for pain reduction, spasms, convulsing conditions, anxiety and depression.

Double Cream

Double Crossed White Widow
This double White Widow cross is known to give a sweet dose of stress & pain relief for patients. With thick nugs covered in creamy white trichomes, Double Cream is ready to deliver two times the fruity, pine flavor.  This strain may offer the ultimate chill feeling while taking away those stresses – like your favorite pint of ice cream.

Pineapple Uspide-Down Cake

Pineapple Trainwreck x Cookie Monster
Originating genetics from the Humboldt Seed company this beautiful hybrid packs a long-lasting calming effect.  With a terpene profile that matches that of only a pineapple, this is a welcome addition to our selection of cultivars. The proud parents are Pineapple Trainwreck and Cookie Monster.

Cookies N_ Cream

GSC x Starfighter
Cookies and Cream is a delicious hybrid that may provide a fresh-baked feeling of relaxation for conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms, and depression. With creamy crystals and a nutty, vanilla aroma swirling in every nug you’ll want to sneak this strain right out of the jar.

Star Killer

Blueberry OG x Rare Dankness
Star Killer is a hybrid strain that may be useful in treating pain, insomnia, AIDS, PTSD, and Gastrointestinal Disorder. These heavy purple buds have a citrusy, lemon flavor that offer a potential trilogy of uplifting, happy and euphoric effects.

White Knuckles

Kimbo Kush x Mr. White
White Knuckles is known for its potential calming and sedative effects taking jabs as issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and muscle pain & spasms. These dense nugs are covered in sugar-like crystals and may help knockout daily discomfort while promoting relaxation.

Night Terror OG

Rare Dankness x Blue Dream
Night Terror OG is a popular strain used for the potential relief from chronic stress, muscle spasms, migraines or headaches, and chronic pain.  These vibrant nugs have orange & white streaks throughout and offer an insane aroma of tart blueberry with a hint of diesel.

Prez Kush

OG Kush x Bubble Gum
Also known as Presidential OG, this Indica Dominant Hybrid by Royal Queen Seeds is often elected by patients for potential rapid effects and sharp citrusy smells.  Considered a commander in chief,  it may hit hard with sedative effects to relieve insomnia or stress.

Grape Ape Strain

Grandaddy Purp x (Skunk x Afghanistan)
Grape Ape is a CBD rich strain that may provide very relaxing effects paired with the traditional “couch-lock” experience.  These dense nugs are held together with deep purple strands and give off a sweet, grape flavor.

Medi Haze

Nelvilles Wreck x Super Silver Haze
Medi-Haze is a CBD-rich strain that may help with focus and energy as well as inflammation relief. These heavy buds are speckled with bright white trichomes and offer a piney & spicy flavor profile.

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